Since 1988, Mr. Ken, originated from Taiwan, started professional ceiling fan design, production and distribution. With innovative ceiling fan design, strict quality control and exclusive customer service, Mr. Ken has become one of the leading brands in its industry.

The research and development team at Mr. Ken has superb sense of artistry in its creations, oftentimes Mr. Ken products exceeded expectations and norms of the ceiling fan business. Interior designers and various worldwide resort hotels favor Mr. Ken ceiling fans, not only for its stellar reputation, but also how its products could be tastefully unified to create an ambience in every space.

Mr. Ken’s objective was simple: ceiling fan is a form of applied art where it should visually, acoustically and mentally reflects one’s lifestyle; thus supporting one to ‘reach your dream!’

Project Reference

  • Marriott Sukhumvit 24

  • Marriott Sukhumvit 24