More than 60 years of experience,
expertise and āļevelopment

THAI YANG KITPAISAN CO.,LTD. also known as TYK Filter Industries founden in 1955 and its core business involved the manufacture of technical rubber parts for the automotive replacement market. Since then TYK Filters diversified into a group of company that manufactures a wide range of filter products for automotive and industrial market. Our Filter products are recognized for their high quality performance and reliability under The Black Club (BC) and Flomax brands.

Flomax Filtration was introduced to the market in June 2002 with a wide products range of filtration products tailored to meet the need for an effective and reliable filtration solution across several industries. Flomax currently manufactures automotive filters, industrial filters, HVAC and clean room filters, stamping parts and filters for the power generation industry. The company's growth has been driven by several fundamental principles that
characterise the entire TYK network :
•  The quality of products
•  A philosophy of continuous improvement
•  A reliable production system

Some of our most valued customers include top automobile brands, Toyota, Ford, Kubota, Hewlett-Packard Indigo and gas turbine power generators.