S9 AutoSet™

S9 AutoSet™

The S9 AutoSet™ is ResMed's premium APAP device designed to help you comfortably transition to APAP therapy. Using ResMed's enhanced AutoSet technology, the S9 AutoSet automatically adjusts breath by breath, even as your needs change - hourly, nightly and from week to week - to deliver the lowest pressure necessary.

As a result, you're able sleep comfortably through the night and receive the benefits of restful sleep. And with its minimalist styling and compact size, the S9 AutoSet looks more like a high-end sound system than a home therapy

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Price : 65,000 -

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Key features

Enhanced algorithm

The S9 AutoSet algorithm features central sleep apnea detection, which differentiates between obstructive and central apneas so you can be confident that you’re always receiving appropriate therapy and pressure.

As quiet as a whisper

S9 AutoSet’s enhanced Easy-Breathe motor delivers customised performance while reducing the noise radiated into the room or conducted down the tube. This helps to create the most peaceful environment for you and your bed partner.

Other features

  • The SmartStart™ feature you can make the machine wait until you’re ready before it starts up.
  • S9 AutoSet’s Easy-Breathe motor responds to your natural breathing pattern and relieves pressure when you breathe out for a very comfortable breathing experience. It also reduces sound to a whisper, so you and your partner's sleeping environments remain quiet and restful.
  • Intelligent Feedback tells you how well your therapy is working.
  • The Mask Fit feature lets you know if your mask has been leaking.
  • User-friendly controls, intuitive interface and bright colour LCD guide you through the setup process, making it simple to navigate menus and customised settings.

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