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“Benefiting to Your Health, Improving Your Quality of Life”

ResMed official online Positive Airway Pressure Devices S9 Series,Humidifier, Masks & Accessories in Thailand


Our Missions

Select and offer only quality medical devices targeting to improve patient quality of life and save patient
health care expenses either short or long term

  • Professional team works to provide excellent professional services
  • Have good system in placedand ensure to extend excellent after sale services, responsible and faithful to our customers.

          EO LifeMed Co., Ltd established under the persistent intention to explore and seek the cutting edge technology medical devices which have been proved to improve patient quality of life, safe and effective. Most of all, it helps to save healthcare expenses either short or long term.

          During the past two years, one of the company founders, the medical doctor who received the 1st class honor from Chulalongkorn University and the American board certified, has recommended some friends and relatives to use APAP though with different brands and different types. So amazing, snoring noise was gone, family members were so happy, blood pressure improved, never felt sleeping during meeting or driving, sex life also improved! Despite the fact that different brands have different qualities, different types have their own strengths and weaknesses.

          Lately, EO LifeMed has been offered and appointed by ResMed Asia Pacific Limited, the brand owner of ‘ResMed’, worldwide recognized for its best-selling CPAP/APAP and masks in more than 100 countries, to be the online distributor of CPAP/APAP S9 series, all mask typesand accessories.

          Together with the great products and great intentions of wanting to improve patient quality of life, EO LifeMed is committed to ensure to extend, good products, good quality and good services to patients.