Calypso Thai Restaurant

Enjoy Thai Dance Performance and Thai Set Dinner at Calypso Thai Restaurant

The restaurant is located in the same building as the theater, where you will get to enjoy several local dishes prior to the Calypso show. During the dinner, you will be entertained with beautiful Thai traditional dance performances.



Thai Set Menu

• Crispy rice crackers with coconut dipping sauce (Served as snack)
• Pork satay or chicken satay
• Thai-curried fish cake
• Stir-fried mixed vegetable

• Kaeng Kiew Wan Gai – Green curry soup with chicken
• Tom Yum Kung – Spicy soup with shrimp
• Steamed jasmine rice
• ผลไม้ : FRUITS
• ชา/กาแฟ : TEA/COFFEE



-  All dishes on the menu are set for one person
Price excludes beverages

Thai Vegetarian and Kids Set Menu are available upon prior booking
PMenu is subjected to change without prior notice



About the Thai Dance Performance


The Sukhothai Dance

The time between 14th and 15th century is called the Sukhothai period - the period where we laid our cultural foundation and create our own arts. The music was composed in accordance with the general style of the Sukhothai art, which displays distinctive gracefulness.


The Pursuit of Supanna Matcha

This is an episode from Khon – a masked dance-drama performance of Ramakien. Supanna Matcha is the daughter of a fish and Thotsakan. She has the form of a mermaid and rules the ocean as queen of the fish kingdom. Under the order of Phra Ram, Hanuman – the white monkey, came to pursuit Supanna Matcha and wins her over after an intensive courtship.


Phra Ram and Thotsakan in Combat


This epic battle scene is another episode from Khon. This is the royal battle of the two brothers – Phra Ram and Phra Lak against Thotsakan – the demon king of Krung Longka. Hanuman – the white monkey also joins in the royal brother’s side. The performance displays skillful and unique dance movements.


Dance of The Four Regions


This dance is newly created by the Thai Fine Arts Department. It is a combination of short dances in traditional costumes, representing the north, the central, the south and the north-east region of Thailand.



Serng Ponglang


Ponglang – is the famous Thai folk music instrument of the northeastern or “Isaan” region. The dance style is called “Serng”, demonstrated by fast and lively movements. This dance is customarily performed by young couples, wearing local traditional costumes.


Remarks: Dances are subjected to change without prior notice



Watching Khon Thai Classical Dance Show while dining with Thai Favorite Foods at Calypso Thai Restaurant